IL MMJ signing

On Thursday, August 1, Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn signed “The Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act.” This pilot program will be in effect on January 1st 2014 and allows for doctors in Illinois to provide recommendations to patients for medical cannabis, and also allows for the development of an infrastructure for business to cultivate and provide medical cannabis.

Top cannabis industry professionals have recently traveled to Illinois to explain the inner workings of the program and reveal their best business practices. For the first time the hosts of these seminars have made available their presentations online in our professionally edited video format. Experts will speak in depth on specific key issues surrounding the medical cannabis industry in Illinois such as timelines, application processes, zoning, policy, regulations, banking, filing taxes, and much more.

Illinois cannabis business lectures and seminars:
National Cannabis Industry Association (N.C.I.A.) midwest cannabusiness symposium

Personal Cultivation- Medical and Social-Use

This symposium, held in downtown Chicago, was sold out with over 200 business professionals, cannabis cultivators and entrepreneurs. 16 expert speakers, including Illinois State Representative Lou Lang and executive director of Harborside Health Center Steve DeAngelo, cover the inner workings of the Illinois cannabis act, and reveal best practices that have made them successful in our unique industry. For the first time ever…

VicenteSederberg LLC Legal and Investment Cannabis Business Seminar

Personal Cultivation- Medical and Social-Use

Originally $500 to attend, expert speakers will discuss the new Illinois law and business specifics including licensing, taxes, insurance, and, importantly, how successful medical cannabis dispensaries — or “dispensing organizations” — can best serve patients. The seminar is presented by VicenteSederberg, LLC, whose staff has helped hundreds of medical cannabis businesses around the country form and stay compliant. See the full list of speakers below which include experts in medical cannabis business, law, and operations, as well as tax and banking professionals….

ViveloHoy interviews of key Cannabusiness School speakers at the NCIA symposium:

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